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Eide Industries, Inc. has over 65-years of extensive experience fabricating temporary and permanent Canopies to provide protection from the elements and enhance exterior designs.  Eide manufactures custom canopy frames using light, medium or heavy-duty galvanized steel or aluminum tubing and offers a wide variety of canvas products to complete the fabric cover.


Shady Canopies

Shady Canopies are made of powder coat painted structural steel frames and covered with an open weave mesh shade cloth.  Available canvas product accessories include drop-roll curtains, bally curtains and graphics.

Shady Canopy, Canopies, Tent Canopy, Portable Canopy, Outdoor Canopy & Shade Canopy

Weather Protector, Canopies, Outdoor Canopy, Shade Canopy

Weather Protectors

Weather Protector canopies are engineer calculated to withstand heavy wind loads.  These industrial-grade canvas product canopies are manufactured to any custom size with polyester powder coated painted white steel frames, and are available in a variety of acrylic or vinyl fabric covers.


Eide manufactures a wide array of Cabanas, Canopies, Industrial Canvas Products and Tent Structures for Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Retail, Private Use and hundreds of other uses.

Cabanas, Pool Cabana, Portable Cabana, Beach Cabana, Cabana Design & Portable Canopy

Patio Canopies

Eide Industries also fabricates large patio canopies, patio awnings and industrial canvas products for restaurants, retail and residential uses.

Entrance Canopies

Because all of our awning frames and outdoor covers are custom made, we're able to manufacture any trussing or frame configuration you can just about any size! We also offer design, CAD drawings and engineering calculations for all of our commercial canvas products, awnings and canopies..

Custom Canopies and Shade Structures

Custom Canopies can be manufactured to your design and specification.  Any commercial grade canvas product, industrial grade canopy or awning size or design can be ordered without limitation.


Fold-A-Canopy (also known as a pop up canopy) is a uniquely designed portable structure ideal for many outdoor activities, recreational, social and business occasions.  View our instant canopy line of products at, a division of Eide Industries, Inc.

Miscellaneous Canopies

Eide Industries manufactures a large variety of custom interior and exterior canopy shelters, large canvas product exhibits and exhibit booths and stands for use in hundreds of industries.