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Ecology Tents

Ecology Tents can be custom designed and manufactured to withstand wind loads up to 110 MPH and/or carry a snow load with insulation.  Designs range from small and temporary to very large, technically sophisticated and permanent.


This Eco-Tent was manufactured and installed for a three day exhibit in St. Louis, MO. The 16' x 24' floor plan included an 8' x 16' sleeping loft, downstairs bedroom, interior room dividers and screen windows. The walls and roof were covered with an exterior grade vinyl laminated material, and the wall supports were made of polyester powder coat painted aluminum extrusion. The unit included a 500 gallon water storage tank, solar and wind power collectors, shower and toilet with composting system.



Installation Services

Eide Industries manufactures custom and standard Eco-Tent systems for single and multi-season use. Eco-Tents are also available in much larger sizes and are available with furniture, lights, fans, sinks,  refrigerators and more!



Eide also offers Eco-Tents equipped with sustainable resource accessories such as environmentally kind compositors, gray water processing systems, solar energy collectors and power systems.


Eide Industries Eco-Tents Survives Hurricane


By Nigel Regan
(News from 2003-09-05 Edition)

“BERMUDA is bracing itself today for a direct hit from what is predicted to become the worst hurricane in living memory.  Hurricane Fabian is expected to last about 18 hours starting early Friday morning. Winds will reach 70 knots, or 90 miles per hour, with gusts of up 150mph. The closest point of approach is predicted to be 15 nautical miles to the north west at 10pm Friday.  The last hurricane to cause major damage in Bermuda was hurricane Emily, which struck on September 24, 1987. Fabian, however, is expected to cause much more damage.”



Daniel's Head Village Survives
(News from 2003-09-10 Edition)

”ONE sight that surprised many Bermudians was the sturdiness of the Daniel's Head Village stilt tents built out over the water.”