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Eide's Graphics Department offers large format custom graphics applications for most awning, industrial and recreational fabrics.

Eide Industries’ now offers full-color graphics application on most vinyl canopy, awning and tension structure fabrics and some woven materials fabrics as-well. Before we print, we’ll send you a dimensioned computer produced proof sheet showing all the details. All of the set up and printing is done at Eide Industries by Eide’s experienced Graphics Department.



Eide offers Screen Printing, Fusion Graphics®, Eradication, Cut and Radio Frequency Sealed Graphics, Cold Transfer, Heat Transfer and Tedlar® Application.  In addition, Eide offers custom full-size pattern plotting, scanning and digitizing services.

Sunbrella® Graphics Systems

Eide Industries is proud to announce the installation of one of the largest certified Sunbrella® Graphics System application machines in North America!

Sunbrella® Graphics System is a unique multi-color letter and logo application process that fuses opaque 3M films to Sunbrella® and Dickson® acrylic fabrics. The process carries a 5-year warranty, backed by Glen Raven, Inc!


Eide Industries offers leading edge graphics application for all available fabrics.  Consult Eide's Sales Department to establish the best graphics application for your fabric.