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Event & Mobile Marketing

Every Mobile Marketing Canopy is designed and made according to your specific requests and needs.

  • We do not believe in a template design.
  • We offer a one stop solution: Including in-house engineering, welding, graphics and industrial sewing departments.

By keeping an eye on the details we can guarantee that your canopy will be up to your standards.


Hospitality Canopy

  • The Hospitality Canopy uses vertical uprights to support the rafters, making it possible to project a great distance from the side of the trailer creating a large covered work or merchandising space.
  • Bally curtains are used to enclose the perimeter of the canopy for crowd control.
  • This style can be made to extend beyond the length of the trailer in both directions.
  • Common projections are 20-feet from side of trailer, but projections up to 30-feet are possible.
  • The Hospitality is primarily seen on semi-trailers.

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