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Eide Industries computerized graphics department offers large format custom graphics applications for most awnings, industrial and recreational fabrics. Among our many graphics application processes, Eide offers screen printing, Fusion Graphics®, eradication, cut and radio frequency sealed graphics, cold transfer, heat transfer and Tedlar® application. In addition, Eide offers custom full-size pattern plotting, scanning and digitizing services.

Sunbrella® Graphics System

Sunbrella® Graphics System is a unique multi-color letter and logo application process that fuses opaque 3M films to Sunbrella® and Dickson® acrylic fabrics.

The process carries a 5-year warranty, backed by Glen Raven, Inc!

Fusion Graphics®

Fusion Graphics® provide sharp, high contrast and multi-contrast images on most awning materials, including woven acrylics. The Fusion Graphics® process utilizes the latest in computer technology, resulting in razor sharp graphic imaging. Computer graphics applied on woven material.

Cut & Heat Sealed RFA Graphics

All graphic images are cut out of the original fabric face. Any brand semi-translucent flexible vinyl fabric is then heat sealed into the void. With the heat-sealed method, back-lit graphics may be applied to almost any fabric.

R.F. Sealed RFV Graphics

Graphic images are cut out of the vinyl face, and a second color vinyl fabrics R. F. sealed into the cut out area. This graphics method achieves a multi-colored semi-translucent face utilizing standard back-lit awning fabrics.

Vinyl Adhesive Graphics

Any graphic images may be cut out of adhesive vinyl film. Graphics are applied to specific acrylic top coated or Tedlar® coated flexible vinyl fabrics. Dark color vinyl graphics over light color vinyl fabrics back-light extremely well.

Custom Decorated Fabrics

All back-lit awning fabrics, traditional awning grade fabrics and industrial fabrics may be custom striped or decorated with a repeating or random graphics pattern. Custom striping and fabric decorating is available in any color and may be made be ordered with no minimum yardage requirement.


The fabric’s top coat color is selectively removed with a solvent, resulting in white copy. Only color top coated fabrics are eradicable.

Screen Printing

Screen printed images may be applied to any awning fabric resulting in highly detailed opaque or semi-translucent graphics may be applied to any fabric.

Airbrush Graphics

Graphic images are airbrush spray applied resulting in precise, multi-color graphics.