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Tensile Facades

Tensile Facades are an exciting and cost-effective architectural application to aesthetically transform and enhance the look of any building.  This expanding technology enables architects and designers with the flexibility to offer clients alternative, affordable and low-maintenance design solutions.

Eide is one of the most respected names in the shade structure industry, and we are proud to be owned and operated in the United States.  We recommend and use on

  • New Design
  • Conservative Renovation
  • Added UV Protection
  • Increase LEED Energy Performance
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Branding

Soltis FT P35 composite membranes

Does not melt and hence doesn’t form droplets, when subjected to high temperatures. For this reason, among others, Soltis FT P35 is regularly selected as a construction material for facilities receiving the public (FRP) as both permanent microclimatic facades and solar protection modules. Soltis FT P35 membrane is essentially self-cleaning due to its high-performance surface coating: rain washes away dirt and atmospheric pollution.

Lightweight and transparent, the composite membrane offers high structural strength due to its reinforcing glass fibres and its Précontraint Serge Ferrari production technology, which ensures its exceptional dimensional stability.

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